family album
family album

2014, 23x25x2.5cm, embroidery & ink on silk, whiten

Song Yu Lim  

2008           MA art & space, Kingston University, London, UK

2006           B.F.A. in painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition

2015  'play in childhood', JJ Joongjung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012  'Gallery Jinsun Window 83, _the isolated scenes', Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea

2011  '은밀한 것들', Gallery White Block, Paju, Korea

2010  'The slender song', Gallery b'one, Seoul, Korea

          'Words of memory_2010 Shinhan Young Artist Festa', Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Group Exhibition

2016   'The blurred line', Ifa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

           'Artists from Daejeon at the hill on the seine', Daejeon metropolitan city hall, Daejeon, Korea

2015   'A Room of One’s Own', Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

           'Un certain regard', Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

2014   open studio_ paris Lee Ungno Residence, Vaux-sur-seine, France

           'A tamed night', Wumin Art Center, Cheongju, Korea

           'Young Revolution', Ion Art Gallery/ Organized by Art On Gallery, Singapore

2013   'The home of ten', Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

           'Spring', Fnart Space, Seoul, Korea

2012   'Project 72-1:school as laboratory', Hongik Elementary School, Seoul, Korea

           'Untold stories by Tea for three', Ram studios, Milano, Italy

           'Reflection of my life', Art Company GIG, Seoul, Korea

           'Distancing', Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

           'Studi Aperti 2012' by Asilo Bianco, Museum Tornielli, Ameno, Italy

           Project Hansunjung, Sunset JangHang Festival/The art factory project, Janghang, Korea

           'The figure of sofness(Duo Exhibition of Song Yulim & Lisa Tagesson)', JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul

           Project Hansunjung, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2011   'White Block Now / The veiled thing', Gallery White Block, Paju, Korea

           'Far East', Zonca & Zonca, Milano, Italy

           The Last Letter From HUYNH MAI_A Fiction For Korean Of Multicultural Society,

           KT&G Sangsang Madang, Seoul, Korea

2010   'Drawing,Breathing House Project 2010', Kimi Art, Seoul, Korea

2009   'Bridge Project_project4', Chang Art, Beijing, China

           'You are so precious', Grimson Gallery, Seoul, Korea

           'ASYAF', Seoul, Korea

           'Stiches_Stiched', Space 15th, Seoul, Korea

2008   'Homo Ludens Festival', Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

           '4482', Bargehouse, London, UK

           'Dude, wake up! Seriously, wake the f*ck up!', Bargehouse, London, UK

Residency & Awards

2014  Paris UngnoLee Residence

2011-2012  Kumho Art Studio (6th Artist)

2011  Young Artist Critic Workshop, Art Center Arko