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E Sang Yong 


2005  Published Art Works-Hansol Group Sponsor

2008  Currently Working On Projects. In New York


Solo Exhibition

2019  The fate of a moment in space, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul ,Korea

2017  Song of Fate, Bk Gallery, Seoul ,Korea

        Momentary Fate, Lotte Gallery, Anyang ,Korea

2013  Inscribed Memories, Waterfall Gallery, New York, USA

        Fate, Seoul International Finance Center, Seoul, Korea

2012  Fate, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul ,Korea

        Fate, Kips Gallery-Chelsea, New York, USA

2011  Song of life, Sup Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010  Song of Wind, Maum Gallery, New York ,USA

2009  The Flight, Tenri Gallery, New York, USA

2007  Playing, Flanders expo, Brussels, Belgium

        The Way, The Unified Government Building, Korea

        The Sky, Gallery Ho, Seoul, Korea

2005  Korea Youth Artist invited exhibition, Danwon Museum, Ansan, Korea

2002  Song of life, Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Group Exhibition

2017  Artful Living, West Village Printing House, New York,USA

2016  Out of Worldly,Westwerk e.v, Hamburg,Germany

        OLD&NEW, Kansong Mueum, Seoul,Korea

        OUT+STANDING Korea Tomorrow 2016 Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea

        Haenam Art Project, Hangchon Museum, Haenam, Korea

        DUO ART SHOW Lee sangyong,Lee lan,SIA Gallery,New York,USA

        Wild Dawing- Kim kira, lee sangyong Exhibition LIG Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2015  Contemporary ”Fermented Souls” ,Waterfall gallery, New York, USA

        The ARTIST, Gallery SIA, New York, USA

        New York Affordable Art Fair 2015, New York, USA

2014  Hypoxis Aurea, KUK Gallery, Daegu, Korea            

        Changwon Asia Art Festival <Play of the space-MOMENT>, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea

        The ARTIST, Gallery SIA, New York, USA

        ersey City Invitational Exhibition And 7th Youth Art Contest, Jersey City Hall, NJ, USA

2013  MARIAL WORLD, Mathone BruneLli Gallery, Hampton, New York, USA

        Group show, Waterfall Gallery, New York, USA

2012  Embrace, Gallery Button, Seoul, Korea

        New Groping, JJ JoongJung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

        Beautiful Dream World 35, Maum Gallery, New York, USA

        Group exhibition, JJ JoongJung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011  HARMONY:the More,the Better, Gallery Maum, New York, USA

        WONDERPIA, Nanji Art Studio, Seoul, Korea

        The Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

        Group exhibition, Gallery Space Maum, New York, USA

        Red Dot New York, New York, USA

        Group Exhibition, Gallery Art@Renaissance, Brooklyn, New York, USA

        Art Of life, Gallery Gaga, Seoul, Korea

2010  Conscious behind unconscious, Korean Cultural Service NY, New York, USA

        Asia contemporary art project, FBI Building, NJ, USA

        US, DHS Project Group Exhibition-Newark Liberty international Airport, NJ, USA

        Open Group Exhibition, Gallery Maum, New York, USA

        Tears from survivors, F.G.S, NJ, USA

2009  Group Exhibition, Space Word Gallery, New York, USA

        Composition of Essential Nature, JUN Gallery, New York, USA

2008  Barack Obama Art Show By Korean Artist-Chelsea, Rogue Space Gallery, New York, USA

2007  Flanders Expo, Brussels, Belgium


Haines Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Biederman Museum, Germany

pennsylvania university hospital Philadelphia, USA

Azadehshladovsky Inc., USA

Oppenheim Architecture, Miami, USA

Korea Cultural Service, NY, USA

Tongin Express, NJ, USA

Takami Brldal ,Inc., Japan

Kolon Group, Korea